See what we’ve accomplished so far this academic year!

Fall 2018:

Freedom of Speech Principles: Colgate’s Task Force on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression composed a set of guiding principles for speech and listening at Colgate. SGA echoes many of the tenets in the document, so we adopted it as a guiding document for our body.

Gate Card Information: Our university identification is something every student has. For the 2019-2020 school year, Gate Cards will now include campus safety, sexual assault, and suicide prevention resources and contact info.

Gift Wrapping: For the Holiday season, SGA collected donations for gifts and arranged a gift-wrapping party with the local community. Many members participated to ensure that everyone had something to receive.

Holiday Party & Gift Exchange: Together with the Class Councils, SGA arranged a holiday party and gift exchange in the Hall of Presidents towards the end of the fall semester. Students from all four classes signed up to exchange small gifts with each other to enjoy Holiday cheer over food and drink.

Hamilton and the Holidays: The Holidays are a time of joy and celebration, and this year, SGA collaborated with the town of Hamilton to sponsor a tree-lighting ceremony, caroling and music, and a visit from Santa himself. Check out the photos from that event here!

Fall and Winter Break Ride-Share Spreadsheets: Travel away from and back to Colgate during breaks can be hectic, so SGA created a ride-share spreadsheet for students traveling over fall and winter breaks to offer and request rides from each other to simplify the travel process for everyone. A new ride sheet will be coming for spring break!

Student Speaking Time: Members of SGA are elected to represent the voice of the student body, but previously, the student body were not able to speak in Senate meetings, even though they were allowed to attend. Now, all students have the opportunity to speak at Senate meetings so we can hear their voices more transparently and personally.

Spring 2019:

Debriefing Bill: To more effectively serve the student body and increase efficiency, the SGA Parliamentarian proposed a bill to require debriefing meetings for SGA events to discuss what went well and how to improve! Contact Lucy Briody to learn more.

Dr. Seuss Day: Every year, the town of Hamilton has a day dedicated to Dr. Seuss. This year’s theme was, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” As part of the day, SGA led an arts and craft project at the Colgate Bookstore, in which children constructed homemade hot air balloons made from construction paper and Polaroid photos of themselves!

Faculty in Frank: The Cabinet worked with the Dean’s Office to fund meals with faculty in Frank. These lunches bring together students across all four class years to discuss an accessible theme (such as immigration or transparency) with faculty members who have expertise in that area. Reach out to Wil Stowers or Doug Whelan for more information.

Gate Card Access: Every student has a Gate Card, but few students actually know which local businesses accept it as a form of payment. To address this, SGA expanded the venues that accept Gate Card, making purchasing more convenient. Contact Jinui Thomas or Ryan Zoellner for any inquiries, and look out for the posters around campus!

Hydration Stations: For a long time, SGA has been focused on sustainability, and this semester, we worked with Buildings and Grounds to install four more sustainable hydration stations on campus, in the COOP, in Bryan, in Olin, and in 113 Broad. Stop by and enjoy fresh water while reusing bottles and reducing waste!

Letter Writing for Staff: Colgate’s staff members are an integral to the function of the university and to our lives as students. We wanted to ensure that ALL Colgate staff knew how important their roles are and how much we in SGA appreciate their efforts, so we wrote a letter of appreciation to every Colgate staff member. Check out photos from our letter writing event here!

Livestream Transparency: Each Senate meeting is livestreamed for anyone to view on our website. However, after the stream would finish, these videos would disappear and no longer be accessible. Because we believe in transparency and accountability, SGA has made all of the livestreams public on our YouTube channel. Check them out to see how Senate works!

Menstrual Cups: In the interest of sustainability, SGA participated in a pilot program to distribute 100 menstrual cups to female-identifying students. Senate approved over $1,000 to offset the cost, and SGA offered them to students for $5 each. For more information, connect with Kate Bussey or Christina Weiler.

Printer in 113 Broad: The Cabinet collaborated with ITS to implement an additional printer for residents in 113 Broad, affording them a greater degree of convenience and accessibility. To learn more, contact Luke Myers, Prince Agbo, Micah Dirkers, or Cecilia Kane.

Safety Training: In order to best promote the safety and well-being of students, SGA worked to offer more free and publicly accessible safety training courses on campus. These courses include Signs & Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest, Basic CPR, How to Use an AED, as well as some Basic First Aid. Not only are these useful skills for life in general, but they are also a way to ensure that our campus is as safe and as trusting an environment as possible. Contact Dan Gough or Abby Waxler to participate.

SGA Alumni Connection: Our alumni network is one of the best in the country, and many of our alumni served in SGA during their time at Colgate. SGA met with the Alumni Connection Committee to increase collaboration and to learn how their time in SGA gave them an edge up in the workplace and in life. Moving forward, SGA has committed to send our newsletter to alumni, with the hope that more connections will follow in the future. To learn more, contact Micah Dirkers.

Spring Break Ride-Share Spreadsheet: Similar to last semester, SGA created a ride-share spreadsheet for students traveling to and from Colgate over spring break. Check out this form, made by Jenny Lundt and Usman Ahmad.

Sustainable Printing: How many times have you released a printing job, but you didn’t know when or where it was actually going to be printed? With all the students releasing jobs, it’s unclear when a single job will be printed, leaving students to idle and eventually leave before collecting it, yielding hundreds of sheets of wasted paper. To reduce waste, SGA has met regularly with ITS to make the printing experience more sustainable and transparent. Reach out to Micah Dirkers or Cecilia Kane to know more.

Transparency Survey: Since the students elect most of the leaders in SGA, it is important to ensure that we are actually representing and listening to our constituents, and not just thinking we are. To check in with the student body about how SGA is doing, Micah Dirkers crafted a transparency survey. For the results summary and raw data, check out this page.

Winter Clothing Drive: After returning from Winter Break, SGA arranged a winter drive to provide the Office of International Students and Worn Again Thrift Store lightly used or new winter items. We delivered over six boxes full of donations, and we are very grateful for everyone who donated and made this event a success.

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