Here’s a list of what SGA is currently working on:

Admissions Records Access: Under FERPA, students have the right to access the information which admissions personnel use to decided their entry into Colgate, but Colgate supposedly handles this content electronically and purges it after the student arrives. SGA is investigating whether this information can be retained for transparency and accountability in the admissions process. Contact Phuong Mac or Molly Nelson with any questions.

Before I Graduate Wall: What are the most important things to do at Colgate before graduation. This display will be featured in Donovan’s Pub. Contact Sophie Grayer for more information.

Composter: Colgate has pledged to have zero net carbon emission by the end of 2019. Composting our food waste from Frank, the COOP, and Donovan’s is one significant step we are taking to reduce our refuse and achieve our goal. Contact Christina Weiler to learn more.

Cruiser Routes and Schedules: The cruiser is an essential mode of transportation for many Colgate students, but where exactly should they travel and when? The cruiser is contracted through First Transit, which SGA will be working with to update routes and schedules. If you have any thoughts on the matter, let Ayah Elarabi, Muna Gure, or Micah Dirkers know!

Debriefing Bill: To more effectively serve the student body and increase SGA efficiency, the SGA Parliamentarian has been working on a bill to require debriefing meetings for SGA events to discuss what went well and how to improve! Contact our Parliamentarian Lucy Briody to learn more.

Department Mentors: We have over fifty departments at Colgate, which are traditionally run by faculty and staff. SGA is meeting with Colgate’s departments to institute student department mentors, seniors or juniors who have extensive experience with a particular department on campus who would be able to answer questions. Let Doug Whelan know if you have any questions!

Dr. Seuss Day: Every year in the public library, the town of Hamilton has a day focused around Dr. Seuss, and this year’s theme is, “Oh, the places you’ll go.” Want to be a part? Email Jenny Lundt.

Faculty in Frank: The Cabinet has been working with the Dean’s Office for funding for meals in Frank with Faculty. These meals would bring together students across all four years to discuss an accessible theme (such as immigration or transparency) with faculty members who have expertise in that area over complementary food. Email Wil Stowers or Doug Whelan for more information.

Flags in Frank: SGA is tasked with maintaining the flag display in Frank to accurately represent our students’ home countries. This year, we are updating the flag display and adding more flags for better representation. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to Usman Ahmad or Thomas Dunia.

Gate Card Access: The Gate Card is something every student has, but it is accepted at a means of payment at limited number of restaurants and stores in Hamilton. SGA is looking to expand the venues that accept Gate Card for payment, making purchasing more convenient for students. Contact Jinui Thomas or Ryan Zoellner for any inquiries.

Governance Board Membership: The governance boards, administrative bodies which directly effect University policy change or bring motions for change before the faculty for evaluation, have historically had only 3-4 student representatives. Increasing student membership on these governance boards will allow students to have a more prominent voice and to more directly contribute to change. Interested in learning more? Contact Luke Myers or Micah Dirkers for more information.

Humans of Madison Country: To tell the stories of the Hamilton townspeople and the greater Colgate community, Cabinet members and the External Affairs Committee have partnered with the Colgate Photography Club to produce a “Humans of Madison County” exhibit in the Hall of Presidents in the spring. The exhibit will feature answers to key interview questions and genuine photographs from the many people in Colgate, Hamilton, and Madison County. Please reach out to Samto Wongso, Jenny Lundt, or Jinui Thomas to learn more!

International Student Hosting: For many juniors and seniors, one of their defining experiences abroad is staying with a host family. With the impact this has, why not offer the same thing here for international students. SGA has been partnering with the local community to find people willing to host international students. Contact Jinui Thomas or Jenny Lundt for more.

International Travel Form: Looking for places to go abroad but not sure what the best places, restaurants, and activities are? Instead of relying on TripAdvisor, you can hear directly from Colgate students who have already been to these locations about the best things to see. This is a travel resource list created for students, by students. Want to contribute? Contact Usman Ahmad to learn more!

Menstrual cups: In the interest of sustainability, we are working to provide menstrual cups for female-identifying students. Senate approved over $1000 to offset the cost, so SGA will be offering them to students at a cost of $5 as part of a pilot program to see how well these novel products perform with students at Colgate. For more information connect with Kate Bussey or Christina Weiler.

Printers down the hill: The Cabinet and ITS have been implementing additional printers down the hill. With all the people who live in Parker, Newell, and on Broad Street, these printers will allow them to print without going to the library and afford them a greater degree of convenience and accessibility. To learn more, contact Luke Myers or Prince Agbo.

Promotion and Tenure Committee: According to University Policy, SGA Senate is tasked with forming a student committee to collaborate with the faculty committee on promotion and tenure to collaborate for evaluation of instruction. To learn more, contact Luke Myers or Micah Dirkers or read the university policy in Faculty Handbook.

Residence Life Survey: Early this year, the Dean of the College sent out a survey to the student body about their residential experience to learn more about how and where to improve. The results are currently being processed, and we hope to share them with the community soon! Want more intel? Get in touch with Dean McLoughlin or Jenny Lundt.

Safety Training: In order to best promote the safety and well-being of our students, we are working to offer more free and publicly accessible Safety Training Courses on campus. These courses will include Signs & Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest, Basic CPR, How to use an AED, as well as some Basic First Aid. Not only are these useful skills for life in general, but they are also a way to ensure our campus is as safe and as trusting an environment as possible. Contact Dan Gough or Abby Waxler for more information.

SGA Alumni Connection: Our alumni network is one of the best in the country, and many of our alumni have served in SGA during their time here at Colgate. How did their time in SGA give them an edge in the workplace or in life? SGA is working on building and maintaining connections with SGA alumni. To learn more, contact Micah Dirkers.

Spring Break Travel Form: Looking to offer or find a ride this coming spring break! Check out this form, made by Jenny Lundt and Usman Ahmad.

State of the University: Since his inauguration as Colgate’s newest President, Brian Casey has focused on a long-term for the future of Colgate, working strategically with the Board of Trustees and the Advancement Committee. Together, they have developed a middle campus plan and have envisioned other changes over Colgate’s next 30 years. Casey would like to share this content with students over a dinner with a presentation and questions and answers. For more information, contact Micah Dirkers or President Casey.

Sustainable printing: How many times have you released a printing job, but you didn’t know when it was actually going to be printed? With all the students releasing jobs, it’s unclear when a single job will be printed, leaving students to idle and then leave before they can collect their printout, yielding hundreds of sheets of wasted paper. To reduce waste, SGA has been meeting with ITS to make the printing experience more sustainable and transparent. Reach out to Cecilia Kane or Micah Dirkers to know more.

Time Capsule: The bicentennial is an ideal time to both reflect on the history of our university and envision the future of our institution. SGA will be collecting letters from the Bicentennial class which will outline our vision for the Colgate’s next century. These letters will be compiled and published as a book which will communicate this vision to prominent people at Colgate, including the President, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Connect with Jenny Lundt for more details.

Transparency Survey: Since the students elect most of the people in SGA, it is important that we ensure that we are actually representing and listening to our constituents, not just thinking we are. To check in with the student body about how SGA is doing, we are crafting a transparency survey which we will send to the student body. Email Micah Dirkers to find out more!

Website: The SGA website is our platform to communicate with the student body and with the world. From updating user profiles to posting meeting minutes, we want to ensure that our website is continually updated with a professional design and easy access for all of our viewers. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to our Webmaster, Cecilia Kane.