Curious about how Senate felt towards a piece of legislation? Here are the voting records for each vote Senate took in this school year.

Approval of Chess Club as an SGA Recognized Organization: 35-1-0

CLC Fall Festival: 31-0-0

President Lundt's Printers Down the Hill: 33-0-0

"Report of Colgate University’s Task Force on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression" as a formal, guiding document for the Student Government Association: 35-0-1

Approval of Colgate Baking Club as an SGA Recognized Organziation: 33-3-0

Colgate Sojourners Gospel Choir Proposal: 34-3-1

Approval of the SGA Email Bill: 31-yes, 0-no, 1-abstention

Approval of A Resolution to Oppose the Erasure of the Transgender Community: 32-yes, 1-no, 2-abstention

Approval of A Resolution to Expand the S/U Grading Option to Underclassmen: 19-yes, 15-no, 1-abstention